2021 Schedule

All evening Modern Language group courses for adults are 8 weeks long. The classes are once a week from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. All classes are currently live online via Zoom until further notice.

2021 Program Schedule

    Session     Start Date     End Date 
    A     Jan 4, 2021     Feb 26, 2021
    B     Mar 1, 2021     Apr 23, 2021
    C     Apr 26, 2021     Jun 18, 2021
    D     Jun 21, 2021     Aug 13, 2021
    Break     Aug 16, 2021     Aug 27, 2021
    E     Aug 30, 2021        Oct 22, 2021
    F     Oct 25, 2021     Dec 17, 2021

Available Language Courses

Arabic – Get immersed into the language of science, mathematics, culture, and philosophy with our Modern Standard Arabic classes.

Farsi – Also known as Persian, it is your introduction to the rich culture of Iran.

French – The language of business, diplomacy and love.

German – Philosophy, art, science, economics and rich history through the lens of the language.

Italian – Enjoy the music of this beautiful Romance language while preparing for your next vacation in Rome.

Japanese – The blend of rich culture and tradition and innovation and technology. Get to know the fascinating world of Japan in our language classes.

Korean – From K-pop to technology, Korean language has been gaining on popularity and has become one of our most popular courses today.

Mandarin – One of the world’s most intriguing, oldest, and widely spoken languages.

Portuguese – Get ready for the Carnival with our Brazilian Portuguese classes.

Punjabi – Spoken by over a 100 million people worldwide and one of the largest heritage languages in Canada.

Russian – This melodic Slavic language will take you closer to music, literature and rich history of Russia.

Spanish –  With more native speakers than English, Spanish language will open up a whole new colorful world for you.