How to improve your speaking skills?

Monday March 27, 2023 | Written by ihadmin

When learning a new language, practicing speaking can be challenging especially if you are not surrounded by the speakers of your target language. And even if you are, you might be shy, not confident in your language skills, maybe even feel embarrassed thinking you won’t sound good or you will fail in your attempt to […]

Online teaching from teachers’ perspective

Thursday January 26, 2023 | Written by ihadmin

2020 was an interesting year, full of changes and challenges but we made it. Transitioning to online classes back in March was a big change for both the teachers and the students at IH. We have received largely positive feedback from our students regarding this transition, and most of it is owed to our wonderful […]

We are now online!

Saturday April 11, 2020 | Written by ihadmin

On March 16th our school transitioned from in-class lessons to live online classes due to rising concerns about the COVID-19, a virus that has significantly altered our lives in a very short period of time. We are now living in a new reality and thanks to technology, we can keep delivering language classes for our […]

IH Vancouver Spanish classes – Meet the teachers!

Tuesday April 2, 2019 | Written by ihadmin

¡ Hola ! Here at International House Vancouver – Modern Languages we have a team of four great Spanish language teachers. These teachers bring experience and enthusiasm into their classrooms when sharing their language and culture, and sometimes there is some yummy local food too! 😀 Meet Juan, Olga, Bolivia and Carolina! We asked them […]

How does learning a new language benefit your career?

Wednesday March 13, 2019 | Written by ihadmin

Being an English speaker in our globalized world has its undeniable advantages. But what about the other languages? Learning a new language can open many doors, including job opportunities. So how does learning a new language benefit your career? It broadens your career horizons: Have you ever thought of changing careers, or even going a […]

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