IH Vancouver Spanish classes – Meet the teachers!

Tuesday April 2, 2019 | Written by ihadmin

¡ Hola !

Here at International House Vancouver – Modern Languages we have a team of three great Spanish language teachers. These teachers bring experience and enthusiasm into their classrooms when sharing their language and culture, and sometimes there is some yummy local food too! 😀

Meet Juan, Olga and Bolivia!

We asked them a few questions about teaching and what they love about their job, so let’s see what they say.

What classes are you currently teaching?

Juan: Spanish level 3.

Olga: Spanish level 2 and Lower Intermediate.

Bolivia: Spanish level 6.

How long have you been teaching at International House Vancouver?

Juan: Over 2 years.

Olga: Since January 2018.

Bolivia: 5 years.

Juan Felipe Hernandez, Spanish Language Teacher at IH Vancouver

What do you like about teaching at International House?

Juan: Freedom to teach in any style and passionate students.

Olga: The warm and relaxed environment, and the amazing, truly self-motivated students.

Bolivia: The environment at IH is motivating, dynamic, and fun.

What do you like most about teaching?

Juan: I enjoy the exchange of ideas we have in class and the evolution of students over time is very fulfilling.

Olga: The relationships with students, and the gratifying experience of seeing them thriving in learning Spanish.

Bolivia: The enjoyment of sharing what I know with my students.

Olga Albarran, Spanish Language Teacher at IH Vancouver

Do you have any tips for students learning a new language?

Juan: Persist. Victory is perseverance.

Olga: Practice, practice, practice!

Bolivia: Start using your new language right away and have fun!

Do you have any funny stories you would like to share?

Juan: Too many. Every class is an experiment with people, ideas and language.

Olga: We always laugh a lot in class, it is hard to think in only one funny story… It is always funny when I explain a term and after a long explanations students come up with a very similar term in English.

Bolivia Perez-Ramirez, Spanish Language Teacher at IH Vancouver

Do you have any advice you would like to give your future students?

Juan: Keep learning. Don’t set yourself back. One day you could be as fluent as a native language speaker.

Olga: Just give it a try, learning is always an amazing journey.

Bolivia: The more you love a language, the faster you will learn it.

Our next session starts on April 29th, join one of our Spanish classes! If you are not sure which course would be a good fit, our teachers will help you determine your level! Call 6047399836 or email us at to book your free language assessment.

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