How does learning a new language benefit your career?

Wednesday March 13, 2019 | Written by ihadmin

Being an English speaker in our globalized world has its undeniable advantages. But what about the other languages? Learning a new language can open many doors, including job opportunities.

So how does learning a new language benefit your career?

It broadens your career horizons:

Have you ever thought of changing careers, or even going a step further on your current job position? If you speak a foreign language, you may have the opportunity to redefine your career path, and/or open new doors for yourself by being promoted to higher level positions.

Make your resume stand out:

When a foreign language is not required, it can still be an asset. Your resume will definitely look more attractive if you add languages to it. Vancouver is such a cosmopolitan city, and this makes speaking a foreign language a quality desired by employees in almost all job positions available.

Bridge the communication gap between different cultures:

When you learn a language, it goes beyond understanding what others say and replying to it. It involves learning how to communicate effectively with people from different backgrounds. Clients will surely appreciate a respectful conversation, as you show interest in learning the appropriate ways of greeting, asking for information, and negotiating. On top of this very important connection, communication will work in both ways; it can be either you helping your clients locally, or relocating to their location.

Expand your business:

Learning a new language can open doors to let you experience a new culture, and develop professionally. Big corporations recruit employees to work worldwide and that is when knowing the language and culture of a foreign country will make the difference on your resume. If you have your own business, that is your chance to explore new possibilities in different markets.

Are you a businessman looking to expand to Latin American market? Some Spanish lessons would be very helpful. Do you see yourself in the world of diplomacy or international relations? Try French. Do you work in tourism? Where do your visitors come from? Knowing their language will go a long way.

Learning a new language at adult life might not be an easy task and it’s important to choose your new language wisely, but your time and dedication will pay off and both new business and personal opportunities will arise.

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